Virtual Ability, Inc.

Virtual Ability, Inc.’s

Virtual Ability, Inc. is a nonprofit organization and its headquarters are located in Colorado(1). The mission of Virtual Ability is to provide a supportive and thriving environment for people with disabilities in the virtual world Second Life(1). Although Virtual Ability is physically located in Colorado, the Second Life virtual community’s scope is international(1). For example, Virtual Ability held the International Disability Rights Affirmation Conference in Second Life, with panelist from Australia, Belgium, Costa Rica, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the US and the UK(1).
Virtual Ability is “Conducting outreach and awareness activities to inform people with disabilities or chronic health conditions, their family and friends, medical professionals and other caregivers of the benefits virtual worlds can provide….”(1)
Virtual Ability helps people with the sign up and learning process of entering a virtual world, as well as, continuing community support as people get accustomed to the virtual world, while simultaneously providing information about accessibility to people with disabilities(1).
“Virtual Ability, Inc.’s success will be measured not by how many people stay in our group, but by how many use our services to grow into virtual worlds, and become productive members of society there”(1).

Blog by David Rose

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